The Chronicles of Being Mean: Short Interpretation

The story “Being Mean” by Gary Soto is about a few kids that do dangerous and wild things either when their parents aren’t home, or if they’re watching but don’t really care about what they’re doing. The main character in the story, “Chango”, and his brother Rick get into fights and to crazy things to keep themselves entertained. The story talks about Chango’s childhood memories, and the crazy things he did with his brother for fun. It shows that Chango’s childhood was filled with memories of doing bad things, like catching the house on fire and fighting with other kids, and that he sometimes got in trouble for it. This story reminds me of the book “The Oustiders” by S.E. Hinton in the sense that many wild and bizzare things happened to the main characters of both stories. In “The Oustiders”, the main character named Ponyboy is involved with a murder and runs away to a church with his friend Johnny. When their friend Dally comes to take them back, they find that the old church hideout they’d been living in was burning down. In the end Johnny dies trying to saves kids from the fire. In both stories, the crazy things happened to the character, and fires have a big role to play in both books, but in “The Outsiders”, Ponyboy didn’t want to get into those situations on purpose. “Being Mean” also reminds me of something in my childhood when my brother and I were young. When I was about five or six years old, my brother and my neighbor found out that they could crawl onto the roof through my bedroom window. One day when my parents were gone, my brother and my neighbor crawled onto the roof, but didn’t go back inside before my parents came home. The whole time I was watching from the window, and my brother got into a lot of trouble because of it.


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