Internet Question

What would you do if the Internet and all phones where to stop working?

If the internet and all phones stopped working, I would first consult my Verizon Wireless agent. If it is worldwide, then I’d probably just wait for the phones and the Internet to come back on. If it comes back on, then happy me. If it doesn’t come back on then I’d just wait for the government to step in and provide basic landlines for communication. If the government doesn’t do anything, I’d assume they’ve gone corrupt. Two things can happen then: the country falls into disaster or I wake up from a dream. If the country falls into disaster because of a corrupt government, people will start to carry arms and rebel, and I’ll probably be swept into the rebellion. Two things can happen then: NATO and the United Nations will probably step in, and try to keep the balance with all means necessary. Their troops will start to storm the U.S., and a three way battle will start between the U.S. military government, the rebel militias in the U.S, and the United Nations troops. The second thing that could happen is all the countries form their own militias and militaries and the whole world will break up into the unorganized, the ones trying to gain control, and the ones that are dead. And if none of the above happens at all, you can infer that I’ve been reading too many post-apocalyptic books.


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