Evacuation Question

If you had to leave your home forever (like Anne Frank or the Katrina evacuees), and could only carry your school book-bag or backpack, what would you take with you?

If I had to leave my home forever and I could only carry a backpack full of things, I’d dump everything from my drawer into my backpack. When I was small, I was kind of paranoid as to what would happen if a disaster occurred. My solution was a drawer. Every school dance I go to, every field trip, every vacation, I keep a little souvenir. Since none of the souvenirs are large, I can fit them all into a backpack without a sweat. So basically by talking the contents of my drawer, I’m taking with me thirteens years worth of memories.

Another thing is, I also keep all my money in my drawer. If had to leave my home forever and I only had so much time to pack, I can get thirteen years of memories and $120 ready in less than thirty seconds.. unless you count getting the backpack.


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