Done Slowly Question

What is best done slowly?

I think love is best done slowly. A lot of people rush relationships, especially those who are younger or in their teens. They don’t see where the relationship is going, and it’s worse when they have no experience, no knowledge, and no way of telling what they’re digging themselves into. It’s easy to get into arguments or to have a bad relationship when two people don’t know how to keep the relationship stable. The relationship is rushed and what used to be “I like you as a friend” can go to “omg I love you so much xoxoxoxo” in a course of days. The relationship will turn out to be like a poorly written tragedy novel: it starts out with no foundation, it goes out without course, and it ends leaving nothing but regret or, in some cases, nothing gained but a big waste of time. In fact, I’ve known relationships in which the people didn’t even know each others’ last names. We have our whole lives to live and love, and people don’t realize that. They see a relationship, they jump into it, and they crash it. No one can build a good house in five minutes as opposed to a month, the three little pigs can tell you that. I don’t mean to make anyone paranoid about relationships and how they go, but the least I know is a relationship that is rushed is probably going to turn out to be a bad relationship, unless both people are overdosed on hormones, which in that case probably wouldn’t be a true relationship.


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