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Worked on this with a few friends Arukas, O7, hickeys, and Acator on iScribble.

Dying Homepages and Music Addictions

Yeah, yeah I know I haven’t posted much on my homepage. In fact, there’s only two posts that I’ve made: a game and a slideshow. I wanted to max out the epic-level on my homepage by finding kinks and fun little things to put on there. I didn’t want to mess up my homepage, so I put all my activities in my pages. The things is, I’m starting to overload on pages. Also, I found out today that Slide, the website I used to make the slideshow, is going to close down their products tomorrow. It sucks because without that slideshow on my homepage, there’s only that game on there that blares annoying commercials whenever you start it. So the main point of this post is to say that I’ve given up on an awesome homepage.

Lately I’ve been listening to way too much rock. There’s just so many bands with so many songs that I haven’t listened to yet, and there’s always those songs that are so good that you have to listen to it a million times before moving on to a new good song. Lately, I’ve been overdosing on bands like Neon Trees, Paramore, Hey Monday, and a little bit of OneRepublic.In fact, I’m listening to Animal by Neon Trees as  I’m typing this right now. In the middle of my little rock addiction, dubstep somehow managed to find it’s way onto my MP3. I know a lot of people don’t like dubstep, but to me it’s just like beats and bass taken to the next level. I love all music genres, so don’t judge me when I say this, but I listen to a lot of rap and hip hop. I love beats and bass as much as I love melodies and lullabies. I’ve found that dubstep is one of those music genres that you just have to play loud. It’s one of those music genres that, if you really get into it, it gets in your bones and you just want to dance or do something to show off that you’re on a musical roll.